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The Blind Leading The Blind: A Sticky Swiftuation



I’m a guy and a huge Taylor Swift fan. Is there something wrong with me?

Part Swedish milkmaid, part overgrown 14-year-old girl and part insane person, Taylor Swift is a complex entity.
She captures the exquisite heartbreak of adolescence like a lightning bug in a jar. She wears sparkly dresses with cowboy boots. She won’t shut up about her ex-boyfriends. She’s happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time. She is also very, very popular.

She is popular because a lot of people like her music, and for the most part, these people are of the female persuasion. According to your query, you are not.

I’m not going to take the very tempting bait and say that liking Taylor Swift in the first place is your problem*, because I’ve taken two gender studies units and I want to break some shit down right now.

Can you think of any perpetual-man child musicians that are marketed solely to boys? Nope, because there isn’t one. Girly stuff, like your girl Taylor Swift, is meant to elicit a resounding “yuck” from the fellas because so many girl-centric icons are pegged as lame, insignificant and embarrassing.

It’s not fair that matters of personal taste are derided just because girls’ interests are deemed less socially acceptable. Just like what you want to like, because your iTunes doesn’t know what you’re packing in your underpants. People probably don’t even care that you’re a Swiftie, and you can just use it as a quirky addition to your pulling arsenal anyway.

Do you know how many young ladies would appreciate a boyfriend that can empathise with Abigail and root for the bleacher-bound girl who wears t-shirts? You should be able to listen a twee, yodelling, ash-blonde nymph if you want to without worrying about being emasculated or God forbid, seen as more feminine.

It seems to me that the person that has the biggest problem with a man liking Taylor Swift is, in fact, you. Grow a pair (of ovaries) and be confident in your taste. Taylor would probably want it that way.

* If this was a tween girl’s Tumblr, I’d be best described as a ‘Taylor hater’. Team Kanye forever.


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The Blind Leading The Blind: Adele Overdose



 I can’t stop listening to ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele and thinking about my ex. We had a nasty breakup a long while ago but I’m still not over it. How does one get over an ex and just move on from heartbreak?

If there was a fool proof, safety guaranteed way of getting over someone who broke your heart then I wouldn’t have spent so many hours curled up under blankets self-indulgently listening to “I Know It’s Over” by The Smiths on repeat. The only things that help the hurt are time, good company, and burning some effigies.

Though, you do have to ask yourself why you’re still thinking about this person. Do you actually miss them? Or the way they made you feel? Most relationships that culminate in horrific breakups usually weren’t that swell beforehand. It’s easy to view the ghosts of relationships past with nostalgia, but your relationship ended for a reason.

Look, sometimes it lasts in love, and sometimes it hurts instead. I have no doubt that you’ll find someone else, I’m not sure what their likeness to your ex will be, but that doesn’t matter. If you don’t find someone else, it’s probably because you keep listening to ‘Someone Like You’, cuz that shit got old fast. So don’t despair, it won’t feel like this forever. If a broken heart is everlasting, then it’s probably a quite serious medical condition so please get that checked. I wish nothing but the best for you.

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The Blind Leading the Blind: Bad Girlfriends Club



I’ve just started a serious relationship with a girl I’ve been in love with for a while. However, the relationship is being strained because all of her male friends are in love with her… they’ve been talking about me behind my back to her and trying to convince her she doesn’t really love me. I don’t know if she is doing enough to stick up for me and I get worried that maybe she’ll decide she likes one of them more than me. Please tell me what to do!

Well, I suppose congratulations are in order for being one of those smug bastards in the throes of a new love. It kind of sucks that your mellow is being harshed by some over-zealous dudes with no boundaries, but it seems like the odds are certainly tilted in your favour. If she’s really as desirable as you claim, I’m sure she would have had her chance with these guys already. And do you know what? She chose you, and she chose you for a reason. So calm your farm because the last time I checked hyper-insecure’ hasn’t graced any lists for the top ten desirable traits in a boyfriend. The situation would be helped immensely if she told these guys to shove off, because leading them on will only make them more bitter and spiteful than they already are. They’re obviously pretty shit friends if they’re trying to sabotage her relationship and she needs to let them down gently, or just quit letting them get away with being petty jerks. The solution to this one  relies on her having a spine, and you being confident in your own self worth.

P.S, how did she get all of these guys to fall in love with her? (Please send an email heavily detailing her modus operandi). I’m kidding. (Am I?)

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